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Wow, very powerful. Sad story and excellent connection to our current times.

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Marriage law, family court, false accusations, domestic violence laws - all things that can be weaponized and are weaponized against men - paternity fraud, too. All these things need to be addressed and changed so that men cannot be attacked with the law by women, which is happening more and more.

The system itself is toxic. Boys should not be taught to take it on the chin and deal with the garbage misandrist laws and legal system, but to legally protect themselves, to have good boundaries, self-worth, dignity, and to circumvent the predatory legal system altogether by using commitment ceremonies instead of marriage licenses, with cohabitation agreements, and much more.

The legal system incentivizes women to be single mothers, to be hypergamous, to use men as walking ATM machines, and move to the next man, then the next one, etc.

Single mother households make for poor outcomes. Children in single mother homes are double digit percentages more likely to be involved in criminal activity, to dropout of school, to be in prison, to experience teenage pregnancy, to abuse drugs.

Women and the law that does not hold women accountable needs to be addressed. It's not just "teach boys to be better" - which really means, "teach boys to be masochistic and to put up with the gross mistreatment they receive from society".

We need drastic reform.

Men should not get into situations where they are treated like garbage and are owned by their partner who can coerce them, accuse them, and destroy them financially and socially, even threatening their freedom through false accusation, as well.

The men in the USA don't even have rights over their own genitalia. It's mutilation for girls, but "circumcision" for boys. This is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. Europe knows better, but even in Europe there isn't legal protection for boys, but cultural protection in that people know it is wrong. The USA bullies any country that tries to ban male genital mutilation. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALTERING ANYONE'S GENITALS. PERIOD. To say anything else is to be a fool without moral principles. No religion, no country, no people, should every be performing non life-saving procedures on any minor.

Women have more rights than men do. Girls are valued more than boys are. This needs to change.

Let's be real, all of this garbage needs to change.

The blog below shows the fantastic writing of Peter Wright who describes how the west is first and foremost a gynocentric society - meaning, women are placed first. Women have more power and privilege than the majority of men. The only men that can rise above this are the ones that are of a high economic class, and even then, they still must exercise much caution.


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Foregen is reversing circumcision through regenerative medicine. They are growing foreskins in labs, with the patient's own body cells. They have received well over $1 Million in donations, and over $25,000 a month in recurring donations, these numbers are from over a year ago. They have had successful animal trials. The underlying ECM (extracellular matrix) technology has already been approved and has been successfully used in different applications, and human trials, the final phase, starts this year.

Circumcision is disgusting, misandrist cruelty. If you are an adult and want to alter your body, fine. Women can get a labiaplasty if they truly want to as an adult, but to touch a minor is illegal...for girls only, boys are not protected.

We need to do a better job at actually respecting and caring for boys, because we don't, and really have never done so.


Look at this YouTube video of Sandra Bullock talking about how she uses baby boy foreskin cream on her face. Listen to the audience laugh. We have failed boys so severely it is absolutely appalling.

Oprah endorses and uses baby foreskin cream, too.

Hospitals harvest the foreskins of baby boys. Look at the FOIA requests from hospitals in the USA.

You want to know why things are not different? Because boys are taught that they don't matter from a young age. They are taught to just put up with this garbage, that they are oppressors that can never be victims or can never be mistreated. We don't allow boys to have BOUNDARIES or to NEGOTIATE the terms of treatment they receive in their relationships, These single mothers, this feminist GARBAGE, this gynocentric RUBBISH brainwashes boys into masochistic beasts of burden that grow to be angry, frustrated, traumatized, and can only laugh and make crass jokes about their pain and the pain of others because it is the only coping method they have - other than other addictions or just plain killing themselves.

The suicide rate speaks spades. 75-80% of suicides are men, not because it is easier, but because it is HARDER. There is no privilege, and feminism was never about equality but about misandry.


The below links are from Janice Fiamengo, a professor, who speaks truthfully about feminism. I recommend her substack and her YouTube channel.



If these things I mentioned are not addressed, then we will just be speaking platitudes, Just like what the legislators did, or did NOT, do for poor Kevin.

"At a time when legislators had a chance to address human suffering, they chose to keep the boys caged, politicians words acting like slants of light that do not illuminate but bring us what Emily Dickinson called a “Heavenly Hurt” on winter afternoons, where “internal indifference” and “imperial affliction” are visited upon those in despair. "

Let's not keep making this damned mistake.

It's time for uncomfortable, difficult discussions and actions.

No beating around the damned bush, anymore.

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Such a tragic, painful story of Kevin Halfpenny. I notice some glimmers of light in it: It was boys and and a man who rescued Kevin... And what 17 year old today can write as eloquently as 17 year old Seamus? Not many.

Seamus is not only a model of compassion in a boy for another child less fortunate than himself, but Seamus is a model of what today's children are lacking...

Kevin is a model of how our boys and young men are being treated today by our society: Hidden away, ignored, voices muted, neglected, abused,. and, as my son Brycen referred to it, OMITTED. I am sorry about the news of what happened in Washington state, yet I am not at all surprised. Washington right now is a state that caters to ideology, and the suicidal, substance addicted, abused, neglected, and lost boys and young men are not politically correct by their very existence. Yes, Sean, I join you in saying that I also see them, hear them, and "got" their backs.

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The hen house boys - boys growing up abandoned by their fathers - need schools that understand them, schools designed for boys and their unique needs. So much of our current education system emasculates boys. I'm not talking about turning boys into tough guys but about training them to be men that have the strength, discipline and compassion to be faithful to their families under all sorts of temptation and discouragement.

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